Man of the world. He holds his hand raised 44 years

Man of the world. He holds his hand raised 44 years

A man holds his hand raised for 44 years in the name of God and the world. Aram Bharati comes from India. He is a sadhu, in the Indian culture they are revered as saints. Before he became the personification of the world, he worked as a regular clerk in New Delhi, was a family man and nothing interesting happened in his life, as he himself believes.
Ordinary life, ordinary man. In 1970, when he realized that he lives his life in vain and does not do any good for society, he decided to give his destiny and life to the will of the deity Shiva. After 3 years, Aram realized that he had not gotten rid of worldly pleasures and thoughts, and raised his hand in a sign of it. In this situation the sadhus remains to this day. As you can see in the photo, his hand underwent strong changes and deformations, froze and became very thin.

In India there are legends that most of all in the world Bharati is afraid of wars and human sacrifices, carried away by war and his hand is lifted as a sign of peace on the whole planet. At home, he is very respected and honored as one of the most worthy people. He has followers, and the most patient of them lasted more than 15 years, in the same pose.
This holy man often interviews and says that in his gesture there is nothing special, before him there were other sadhus who raised their hands for years. The pain in his hands, according to Bharati, was only the first time, now he does not feel it. And of course for him the most important messages in life are peace and harmony on the planet.

How do you like his gesture of goodwill?


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