Jellyfish, strikes and showers in Thailand

Jellyfish, strikes and showers in Thailand

In Thailand, jellyfish, showers and strikes. The beginning of the season in this fabulous country has just started, and the rest of tourists already overshadows several different problems. Today, on several islands and in cities, the authorities announced a storm warning. The Meteorological Service warns tourists that floods are possible.

The height of some waves reaches 3 meters, and the presence of a strong wind, respectively, in the sea is no longer buying, a great risk to life. On October 1, Thailand begins a strike of rescuers from popular beaches, due to the fact that the government cuts funding. But that's not all, off the coast of the island

Phuket found a cluster of poisonous jellyfish. Recall that last year poisonous jellyfish spoiled the rest of tens of thousands of tourists. Is there still no desire to go to this country or is it worthwhile to find a place to rest more calmly?


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