In the UK, the invasion of huge spiders

In the UK, the invasion of huge spiders

Autumn has come and a huge number of spiders are climbing into the home of the British. People are afraid to move around their homes, because these insects have become very large and they are large and they creep into houses to lay their eggs.

Spiders need warm and dark places in the house, for their breeding. The number of spiders is about 150 million and this year it has increased due to hot weather. It's not that spiders really want to share neighborhood with people, but nature forces them to look for places for their reproduction more comfortably. And the most surprising is of course the size, the maximum adult can reach up to 8 centimeters.

Scientists say that this kind of spiders should not be afraid and their bite is not more painful than bees. But nevertheless, would you feel safe in the environment of these not very pleasant monsters?


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