In Mexico it rained from fish

In Mexico it rained from fish

Have you ever witnessed a rain of fish? In Mexico, there was an interesting and unusual case. In one of the cities in this country, along with drops of rain on the street poured fish, imagine, FISH! And its dimensions were not small.

Local residents were amazed at this event and at the same time frightened. What is the heavenly punishment? This is not the first case of this phenomenon. All over the world, such phenomena have already been fixed and, as experts have explained, fish sucks from a tornado from the sea, together with water, then to be thrown away elsewhere. And people are lucky that the fish fell on the streets of the city, and not all garbage or cars, which also sucks, and quite often in a tornado.

Ufologists have their own theories on this score, for example conspiracy theories, but in this article we will not consider this ...

Without thinking for a long time, the Mexicans began to collect the gifts of nature or higher forces.


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