In Brazil, they found a zombie in the car

In Brazil, they found a zombie in the car

An interesting and frightening case occurred in Brazil. When Pedro (a fictitious name) went to his parked car and wanted to put in the back of the car purchased products, but he flew away in horror a few meters from the picture he saw there. He was staring at a woman, literally descended from horror films, like a dead man.

His behavior, he also could not understand and called the police. The most interesting thing is that even the police were frightened by what they saw, according to their assurances they did not have to meet live zombies. Her eyes were bloodshot and she made horrible and frightening sounds. When you try to talk to her, she is chaotically drawn in the air with her hands. They twisted it and drove it to the station. The man who discovered the woman is still in shock! Did you meet people like zombies?


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