GOA plan to ban the use of alcohol

GOA plan to ban the use of alcohol

At the GOA, the authorities are preparing a new bill that will prohibit the use of alcohol in public places, according to the type of ban that operates in Russia. This law is planned to be approved in action with the beginning of the tourist season. At the moment, the prohibition of drinking alcohol on public beaches, but the authorities of this Indian state want to extend this law to other public places. The tourist season in this state begins in October and lawmakers plan to make it by this date. If the law is approved, then tourists can drink only in their rooms in hotels and restaurants. This law, as the authorities assure, is primarily created for the safety of tourists, as well as in the struggle for the ecological component. The size of fines and controlling bodies for the moment are not indicated, most likely it will be the local police and the amount of fines will be announced a little later.


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