Bali wakes up the Agung volcano

Bali wakes up the Agung volcano

At the moment, from the island of Bali, more than 120 thousand people were evacuated because of the very high probability of the awakening of this miracle of nature. Inside the possible defeat zone there are still thousands of local residents who do not want to leave their homes in the hope that everything will go away.
The last time Agung volcano erupted in 1963 and carried with it thousands of lives. People are evacuated to temporary dwellings at a distance of 12 kilometers from the volcano.
Long ago, this volcano was revered by the inhabitants of the island as sacred and was always active. Literally a few days ago on the island there were recorded tremors in 4 balls, this is due to the rise of magma to the surface of the volcano.
In Indonesia itself there are more than 100 active volcanoes.
When it happens, Anung's eruption is hard to say, but it will not cause doubts! Although for tourists themselves there is no particular danger, unless of course stay at a great distance and not be curious.


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