Ancient Sumerians flew into space

Ancient Sumerians flew into space

The ancient Sumerians were supposed to be able to fly into space. This was stated by the Minister of Iraq - Kazim Finjan. In early September, he held a press conference for journalists in the city of Di Kare. From his words, they learned that airports began to be built not only in the 20th century, but much earlier and for example the ancient Sumerians possessed technologies of interstellar travel.

According to his data, these buildings could be met even more than 7 thousand years ago. Kazim named the possible location of these structures, these are the cities of Eridu and Ur. In these complexes it was possible to detect missiles for travel to other planets, including Pluto. Sounds intriguing, right? From such revelations, journalists were in a stupor and did not know what questions should be asked, because of politicians about such mystical secrets, we do not hear often.

According to many sources, information about mystical events, including UFOs, is protected at the level of the presidents of the countries and the common people do not yet open them. Well, it is quite possible that the Sumerians owned secret knowledge. In the old annals there is a lot of information about the technique that we have now. For example, in India there were flying ships called Wimans and ancient Hindus possessed nuclear weapons donated by the gods.


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