Air company "Wim-Avia" on the brink of bankruptcy

Air company "Wim-Avia" on the brink of bankruptcy

On Monday, a press conference took place, at which management recognized its global problems and the company is experiencing serious economic losses and is on the brink of ruin. The management counts on the support of the state, as well as tour operators and asks for loans to cover their debts.
Last week, namely Friday and Saturday, many scheduled flights to various parts of the world were delayed because of problems with refueling at airports, because fuel was not paid for and thousands of people had to wait dozens of hours at airports until the situation was resolved. The debts for refueling alone exceeded 500 million.
The Prosecutor General's Office on September 25 began an investigation of "Wim-Avia," because of inaction of the leadership of the air carrier. Rosaviatsiya announced the termination of charter flights of this airline and will have to distribute planned flights to other participants in the transportation market.


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