A huge snail with a rabbit's face

A huge snail with a rabbit's face

In the social network Twitter posted a post with a photo on which the girl holds a very large snail in her hands, you can say just a gigantic one. But the most surprising thing is that the head of this snail is very much like a rabbit. You can see for yourself in the photo. The author of the message, in the description indicated that it is a rabbit, but he is much more and he needs help. This is certainly a playful post, but nevertheless, the snail is kind of like this. In just a few days, the post was scattered across the web like lightning and scored a huge number of likes. Note that this kind of snails is forbidden to breeding in America and users comment on the photo, with a great deal of irony they write that this is a secret weapon of Russia.

And you are not afraid of this huge creature or do you think it's sweet?


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