Work as a Tourism Manager

Work as a Tourism Manager

The tourism manager is an expert in the field of tourism, whose main task is the sale of tourist trips to potential tourists, as well as advice on recreation, customer service during and after the sale of the tour. At the moment the manager in the field of tourism is one of the most necessary specialties in the field of entertainment, recreation and travel.

Every year the number of travelers increases rapidly. And the tourists have a need for maintenance and a lot of questions: how to choose a country of rest, a resort, how to form a tourist trip and arrange the necessary papers? In these problems, an employee of a travel company can certainly help. An experienced manager can tell the tourist important information about the country, hotel, mentality of local residents. He will be able to recommend the resort, taking into account the financial capabilities of the tourist.

The work of a manager in a tour operator company differs from working in travel agencies. In a travel agency, the manager, as a rule, sells tours (tours) and in the telephone mode serves the tourist (consults on all emerging issues on the tour). In the tour operator company, the team is much larger and the functions of managers are also different. They are engaged in issuing visas, booking tickets and hotel rooms, are engaged in marketing activities (form catalogs, tourist booklets), as well as the direct sale of individual tours to intermediaries (travel agencies), etc.

Types of work of a manager in a travel agency:

1. Consultations of potential clients and selection of tourist products of suitable quality.

2. Reservation of air, railway tickets, transfer.

3. Work with documents for the opening of visas and insurance.

4. Search for new customers and maintain an existing customer database.

5. Resolving conflicts with tourists and counterparts.

Advantages of this profession:

1. The chance to visit numerous countries.

2. The tourist sphere is one of the most interesting and profitable.

3. Great income, especially in the season.

Disadvantages of working as a manager in tourism:

1. Flow of staff.

2. Very nervous activity.

3. Great responsibility.

4. You must always be cheerful and polite, that with such nervous work it is rather difficult to keep throughout the day.

The manager in the field of tourism can work:

1. In travel agencies.

2. In tour operator companies.

The manager must have such personal qualities as sociability, responsibility, attractive appearance, friendliness, cautiousness, attentiveness, the ability to listen and understand the needs of the tourist, the ability to resolve conflict and unforeseen circumstances.


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