With child. What need to be concerned?

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On hot days, you do not want to stay at home, especially if the family has children. I would like to have a good rest, and so that it is remembered not only for parents, but also children. And it depends on the proper holiday planning. It is necessary to consider when and where to go if there is fun for the whole family, pick a comfortable hotel and stock up on all the necessary things on vacation.

Do not forget about the hotel, it is here that you have to sleep, conduct hygiene and rest from active pastime. For example, Penza hotels have comfortable beds, wardrobes to accommodate things, spacious bathrooms and a host of other things, so necessary in everyday life.

Marine Recreational

If you are going to go to the sea, the check in advance whether there is a playground near the hotel, equipped sandy beach and a shallow bottom. Fearing that the kids do not tolerate climate change, it is not necessary. If the child does not sick, and you will feed him the usual food, nothing bad will happen. And in any case do not buy the delicacies on the beach, it is better to take a drink and not very perishable foods (cookies, etc.), otherwise you run the risk of poison.

Cottage in the country

Fresh air, green products, forest berries - a paradise, not vacation. You can find a place to be near a body of water, but rely on the well-maintained beach is not worth it. If the child is very small, it is best to bring a small inflatable swimming pool, a place he does not take too much. For the older child be sure to get the floats.

The only drawback - it is insects, and take care of the media against mosquito bites and after necessarily need. If you are traveling with a stroller, the mosquito net is essential. At least the kid will be able to sleep peacefully.

road trip

If you're going just to see the world, stopping in different cities, then think carefully about the route to the road, you can stay in and relax. Do not forget about the diet and keep a bottle with clean water, which you can rinse your hands and face. Hot daytime is better to wait, otherwise the child will be ill from overheating.


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