Where to go on vacation in the velvet season

Where to go on vacation in the velvet season

Everyone knows that in September, when it is the velvet season, you can relax by the sea is not worse than in summer. So if you wait for this beautiful time when people are on their way to vacation is not as active as in summer, and you are looking forward to vacation, then you are lucky.

And lucky not only in the sense that you are going to rest, but also in financial terms, because housing prices are down significantly in September. Therefore, you need to choose the direction of their fall vacation, and - go ahead! Indeed, in September, you can go on holiday in many countries.

If the main criterion when choosing a vacation spot - it's a budget, then it is best to choose Turkey, Greece, Egypt, Tunisia, and Morocco, there is just the best season starts in September. The sea at this time of the warm, warm outside, but there is no sweltering heat. Still, for those countries in September it is considered to be a hot time of year. Those who like comfort, often go to the beginning of October. You can also visit Jordan, which is a little cooler than the countries listed above, but there it is possible to visit a lot of different interesting excursions. As for Turkey, in September, there is one more advantage - a few people and virtually no children, because at that time they had already started school. Regarding Greece, many people believe that visiting a small island not worth it, because at this time of year there is a great wind.

The most ideal option - it is the island of Crete. You can come here not only to adults but also to young children. For children there are a variety of exciting activities, and for adults - interesting excursions. For the same price category refers to holiday in Bulgaria. Well, you can relax in Italy, Croatia, and even go to Europe, but at the cost of a holiday will cost much more expensive.


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