Where to go in Moscow on tourist?

Кремль, Москва, город, улица, небо, природа, достопримечательности Москвы

What places to visit in Moscow? Surely this question asked each visitor to our capital. Let's see where you can go in this great metropolis?

The first association with Moscow - it is the Kremlin, but let you do not seem so banal idea to walk around Red Square.

Be sure to look at the Tsar Cannon and the Tsar Bell. The Kremlin is also famous museums such as the Armoury and Diamond Fund. And let the high price does not scare you, then you will visit the Kremlin is unlikely to forget.

A little away from the Kremlin is Christ the Savior Cathedral. This cathedral is striking in its beauty. So you walked around the central part of the capital!


And what could be more exciting than a walk ... on the river buses? Already long ago such an occupation coveted Muscovites and guests of the capital. Is not it wonderful - to sail on the ship, looking at all this beauty of Moscow, dream and forget about all your everyday problems?

Agree, what city would you happen to be, you pull a walk in the park? When you're in Moscow, you should visit the parks: Izmailovo, Ostankino, Tsaritsyno, Kuzminki, Sparrow Hills, Kuskovo. By the way, in Tsaritsyno you can see the beautiful musical fountain that glows in the dark, which creates an easy romantic atmosphere.

Where else can you see so many couples of lovers? You want to visit a cafe or restaurant right in the park? Then you need to Kolomenskoye or Sokolniki! Especially beautiful there in the spring, when the eye pleases many beautiful flowering trees. And how wonderfully soft to lie on the grass, enjoying the garden! Be sure to take a picture for memory in this place!

Arbat and other attractions

Another famous place in Moscow - Arbat. If you want to get shopping, buy souvenirs - this is the place for you. Arbat is full of shops, restaurants, pubs. In addition, you can often meet talented artists here, which is not difficult to draw a caricature of you. And, you can listen to wonderful music, who perform street musicians.

You say, "Is that all?". Not at all, Moscow wonderful city, full of beautiful, memorable places, describe them can be infinite! Almost everywhere you will find something interesting and exciting. Every house, every stone on the road keeps the secrets of history.

Come soon in our capital, to assess its beauty, you will not remain indifferent!


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