What you need to move to France?

What you need to move to France?

In France, each year thousands are leaving from different parts of the world, for many it is a desirable destination for emigration and not in vain. This country is romance you fall in love a first sight. At the moment, France is one of the most developed EU countries. Here, a relatively inexpensive training, making it accessible to students from families with different incomes. Life in France is really beautiful, as she herself.

Moved to France in several ways:

1. Ethnic roots

If you have family members are citizens of France, it is worth trying to apply for a French visa. This requires a paper confirming that your ancestor was indeed a citizen of this country.

2. Restoring Family

If in France now live your close relatives for permanent residence, then you have a chance to be reunited with them. To move to France in this way need to submit documents proving kinship.

The closer the family ties, the faster your application will be processed.

3. Placement

In order to move to France on a work visa to you, or rather your future employer is required to prove the absence of qualified French specialists in your area, which is why I had to take a foreign worker.

Thus, you get a long-term visa, which can later be exchanged for a residence permit. If after a few years with your finances will be all right, then you can apply for permanent residence, and in the future have to think about citizenship.

4. Refugees

France - a multicultural country, loyal to the refugees, so if you are exposed to persecution in his native country, France can take you under his wing.

To do this, you must prove the existence of the persecution, medical documents confirming the beatings.

5. Business

If there is a desire to create his own company, it is possible to organize in France, having sufficient start-up capital and, of course, the experience of doing business. Also, do not be amiss to already existing business in your territory.

As mentioned earlier, the French population refers to immigrants is very, very good: if you need any help, they will respond and what can help. French - very friendly and generous people.

And the process of moving to France does not have any particular difficulties, as the French immigration service quite loyal in relation to visitors.


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