What is the Mexican resort of Acapulco

What is the Mexican resort of Acapulco

Acapulco has everything for a comfortable stay, so come here every year millions of tourists vacation. Some consider this city the capital of Mexico and come good to spend your holidays on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. As for the population, its population reaches only 675,000 people. Previously, Acapulco was a small town, most likely it was the port where the ships came, because there is a convenient bay. The city stretches 35 kilometers along the Gulf, while this place is very picturesque, in the green hills lurks the blue ocean water.

Acapulco became famous in the 50 - ies, when all the Hollywood stars flocked here to the island, it is here preferred, and prefer to rest until today millionaires from around the world. To visit the resort's best to choose a time between November and April, at this time the weather will spoil you with hot days are, at any time of the year may go here long rains.

We should stay on the beaches, which are surrounded by palm trees. Water is not only clear and clean, but also the warmest on the coast, and the beaches are covered with white, fine sand. Naturally, they come here not only to visit the beaches in Acapulco has a huge number of attractions. You can not miss a tour of the Cathedral, which is located near the castle called "Chapel of Peace" is here to be cross height of 42 meters, which rises majestically over the city. In addition to museums, there are a large number of parks and water parks, a zoo with exotic animals.

For extremists, there are a variety of activities, such as those who seek the thrill can go to the island of La Quebrada, and jump from a cliff, which reaches a height of 34 meters. Also here you can go diving, surfing, and even fishing. As for nightlife, Acapulco is just the place where it boils, in any club can be a good idea to have some fun from dusk to dawn. For those who are planning to go soon to rest on the Pacific coast, but has not yet decided on the holiday destination of Acapulco will be a real boon. Relax here can be in the hotel at a fairly reasonable price.


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