What do you know about the burning tours?

What do you know about the burning tours?

A burning tour is not a bad way to save money for a tourist. There are cases when the price of a ticket falls below its cost price. But what is the benefit of this tour operator? Realizing the burning tour, he returns most of his money costs and receives favorable advertising at the same time. It works simply: there are many hunters behind burning tours, and tourists who snatched a tidbit of a pie, willingly share positive impressions of the trip with their friends and acquaintances, thus creating an excellent advertisement for the seller. In addition, there is a difference in the perception of the events of the trip: if a person receives a non-quality service for the full cost, or there are some overlays in the organization of the holiday, even those that do not depend on the tour operator, he will leave a lot of negative feedback or will demand compensation. A tourist who has gone on a burning tour, in most cases will not express a negative, and moreover, will not focus on this his attention, since the thought of the saved sum will bring him a constant sense of moral satisfaction, and on the whole the trip will seem to be prosperous. In addition, the composition of the burning tour package is the same as for a regular voucher: medical insurance, flight back and forth, accommodation (usually with meals) and airport-hotel-airport transfer.

The term burning voucher is the legacy of a far-off country of councils. Even when the workers of the trade unions were engaged in the distribution of permits to a sanatorium and a clinic and for some reason the employee could not use it, the permit had to be urgently issued to someone else, otherwise it would "burn". With the passage of time and the opening of the borders of the burning tour, a synonym appeared - a burning tour, but it does not change the meaning.

In our time, burning tours appear only in 2 cases: when a tourist or a group of tourists refuses from a pre-purchased tour and there is a need to quickly sell it, as a rule, as soon as possible. The second case - when the tour operator can not find enough tourists at the originally established cost. A place in the aircraft and hotel rooms, service and customer service - all this the tour operator plans, orders and redeems in advance. At least not to lose the invested funds, he is forced to greatly reduce the cost of permits.

If you look at the statistics, you can find out that burning tours are becoming more difficult to find. There are several explanations for this. First, tour operators are gaining experience in planning the vacation they offer. Secondly, they make a contract in such a way that the refusal of the tour carries a penalty for the unlucky tourist. This makes the attitude to travel more responsible. And of course the number of refusals is reduced, because to part with your money is simply not like no one. True, here you can not fail to mention the insurance of a tourist from not leaving. Of course, the cost of the tour increases slightly, but the guarantor appears that in case of refusal, the buyer will return his money and the tour operator will return part of his expenses.


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