Weekend in St. Petersburg with unlimited funds

Weekend in St. Petersburg with unlimited funds

Travel to St. Petersburg with a lot of money - this is not just an adventure, it is the real royal entertainment, dinners and receptions. If Peter the tourist has the money, he will not only not boring, and a lot of fun.

Wheel of the city culture is on the best cars in the city, that is, carefully restored retro-mobile. To treat you like this car will have to pay three thousand dollars for two days. This price corresponds to the requirements of the car, because this car is a huge success and popularity among the local rich.

St. Petersburg - a city with a long history of culture, architecture and history of an entire people, which means that there is something to see and admire. In St. Petersburg there is always something to see, because in this city a lot of theaters, cinemas, cathedrals, monasteries, museums, galleries, historic buildings, ancient architectural structures, sculptures, monuments and other things. In this little town to come for the weekend, but these days you need to take everything to the fullest.

The best, expensive and popular hotel in St. Petersburg, ie Europe hotel - the place where he should stop wealthy tourists. Just live in the best room in the hotel is not interested, so that the rack is to ask for something the St. Petersburg native, what would be the number called the Mariinsky Theatre for six thousand dollars for two days. The main asset of the hotel is a private butler who is attached to each number, that is, any guest of the hotel will have a private butler, who is able to perform any indication tourist.

Dine in St. Petersburg is in the best restaurant in the city but there are a huge amount, so that from their diversity should choose the most interesting and popular. This is what a restaurant should be a restaurant called Dostoevsky, just like a restaurant Griboyedov in the book of Bulgakov's "Master and Margarita". Restaurant Dostoevsky called to honor the writer, because he often liked to stay in this place. In this place all the dishes are devoted to the author, that is, by a sample of his works and the restaurant menu was compiled. This is where you can taste dishes that are eaten in the work of Rodion Raskolnikov "Crime and Punishment" and many other dishes. If you order a business lunch of the best restaurant meals. So you can try the ear of a rooster, pie with salmon, wild quail, pancakes and wizards. Such delicacies in Dostoevsky will cost $ 400.

And in the evening should go straight to the most famous theater of Peter - Mariinsky. Get a ticket to the box of the theater is very hard, so it is worth asking in advance lichnoog butler about it at sunset to enjoy the view at the Mariinsky Theatre.

If you come to St. Petersburg, then just with money, because this city loves the rich, because he always has something to show, something to surprise and something to brag about.

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