We wanted to see the Sahara desert, and we saw the "sandbox"

We wanted to see the Sahara desert, and we saw the "sandbox"

Literally recently, I returned from Tunisia. I rested there for 10 days and had time to see many different sights of this country. One day we rented a car and went to look at the desert of the Sahara.

We expected to see something grandiose, but in reality "Gateway to the Sahara" turned out to be a dull kind and a way to make money on tourists. If you take an excursion from a guide, then the cost is about 120 bucks, the benefit is we went on our own and did not overpay for the transit hotel and did not spend 2 days. To go for a long time. We stayed at the hotel, which was near Monastir and left at 6 am. On the way we stopped at a famous oasis in the mountains in the city of Chebak, several times stopped in beautiful and deserted places to take photos and video. Some species were striking in their scale.

At about 3.30 pm we finally reached the Sahara.

And gently we were stunned. Where is the famous Sahara, about which we were told? It's more like an artificially created territory to lure tourists! No, the Sahara naturally exists, but it begins further, and what has been shown to us is simply a way of earning money on tourists. To get to the present, you need a little more patience and true desire, and more time for that, we unfortunately did not have it, do not spend the night in the desert ?!

After renting camels, we went for an hour on small piles of sand and the disappointed went back to the hotel.


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