We leave for vacation. What should I bring?

We leave for vacation. What should I bring?

Very soon there will come time to summer. Time of holidays and vacations. And most people will want to go to relax away from their native lands. The most popular and favorite holiday destination after a cold winter, the sea is. It's so nice to plunge into the fishing season for new sensations.

All plans are painted bags are collected, and you're flying to your dream. But, as often happens, arriving at the site, you notice that it lacks one thing, then another. And in the end it turns holiday some not so, there is still penetrate care. Therefore, to prevent this from happening, you need to make a list in advance, which can come in handy. And then you will not experience any discomfort and will only enjoy a well-deserved rest.

The first thing to be concerned about is clothes and shoes.

You absolutely need:

1) Underwear (amount depends on longitude stay) for 10 days would be enough for 3-4 sets.

2) Of course, this swimsuit for women and men for smelting. The amount depends on the length of the tour and the desire to stand out.

3) Light clothes (shorts, breeches, skirt) - 3-4 pieces.

4) Mike, top, t-shirt.

5) Easy pants or jeans (in case of cold weather or for an evening walk)

6) For the beach take the light shoes (flip flops, shale)

7) Lightweight and comfortable shoes for walking. For a woman, you should not take high heels (if you did without them - take).

Second - it is self-care and personal hygiene.

1) shower gel (available in expensive hotels).

2) toothbrush / paste.

3) soap.

4) a few towels.

5) wipes.

6) waterproof cosmetics.

7) manicure set.

8) Moisturizing cream / lotion.

Do not forget to bring the following:

1) camcorder / camera.

2) comb.

3) phone and watch.

4) bag.

5) headdress.

6) chargers.

7) drugs (except prohibited in the host country).

When you have everything at your fingertips, you can feel relaxed and enjoy your vacation. Have a nice trip


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