Venice - a city on the water

Венеция, Италия, красиво, природа, город, путешествие, собор, небо

Wherever you look everywhere water ... No, it's not the sea or ocean, it's a great city. Who has not heard about this amazing city! Venice ... Now everyone wants to go there. But sometime in the distant V-VI centuries, this place get round as it was absolutely uncomfortable to stay. Fortunately, people are not afraid to fight with the water element and build a unique city.


Venice now delights us with its attractions. It is difficult to get a city located in the north-western side of the Adriatic Sea in the vast 118 islands. For tourists, this is a unique opportunity to "dive" into the past. There's amazing atmosphere, full of peace and tranquility.


Just imagine what a romance ... no car, you only hear a slight noise of water, sun glare on the water stretch. How nice swing on the boat over the waves, watching the divine scenery. What a great opportunity to enrich the spiritual inner world and spend time with family, loved one, or even alone.


For creative people a unique chance to get inspired and create masterpieces in any field of art. On the river tramvaychyku with ease and pleasure you can reach Piazza San Marco, the Doge's Palace, the Palazzo Santa Sofia or the other, from a set of fantastic attractions.


You can also stroll through the narrow streets, to look into the cafe and enjoy an ice cream gelato. If you ever had the opportunity to visit Venice, be sure to use it. You will be delighted and will definitely want to come back!


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