Unforgettable trip to Finland

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Finland - countries neighboring Russia is very close to the north-west side. All lovers of the frosty winter, pure snow, perfect, smooth slopes for skiing, natural food and more. All it can offer is a wonderful northern country. This country can be selected not only for skiing on the slopes, but also to carry out a great fishing on the lake and excursions in the old fortress with a military history.

To visit the country, you need to design the visa regime, but this requires a standard package of documents. When traveling by car, the drivers need to know that the rules of the road for the use of radar detectors is prohibited in Finland. Therefore, even in the trunk of his existence could provoke the police to ask a question, and impose a fine. To move around the country by car need a separate insurance policy. But for those people who prefer to get public transport aircraft fits best. Direct flights to the capital of Finland are from Moscow and St. Petersburg. For those people who are still going to visit the country on your own car you want to view and learn the local rules of the road, to get rid of unwanted and large fines. Since this northern winter and maximum temperature in the summer can reach twenty-five degrees, it is necessary to consider and to put winter tires, which will steadily keep the car on snowy roads.

Upon arrival, you can start placing. All hotels are built in this country and offer a European service center. There is no need to choose a hotel by category of stars, because even in the normal standard of two star hotel you can watch the full service, perfect cleanliness. Kitchen in Finland, of course, almost all based on the preparation of the fish in different forms. But it is so amazing and diverse, that does not prevent its use very often. Payment of food will not as expensive as the cost of alcoholic beverages. To go and look at some natural phenomenon here can be almost any time. For example, you can go to the nearest village, from which very clearly seen the northern lights for the fans of this adrenaline. Visit and ride on the slopes is very comfortable to the month of May. The air temperature is very pleasant, and fun will be unforgettable. And the presence of the polar night will open even more opportunities to see the beautiful panorama of Finland.

Thus, the northern lights, the perfect ski resort, visiting the baths, Fishing trips on the lakes. All this offers a beautiful country Finland, so you need to go at every opportunity.


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