Trekking - walking tour

Trekking - walking tour

Trekking - walking tour

The notion of "trekking" is translated from English as a hike, cross, make a big transition. Trekking is a separate type of tourism, which implies overcoming the route on foot, without using transport. There is such a trip on the rough terrain and is available for both professionals and beginners.


Trekking requires endurance participants from the expedition, as all equipment (general and personal) will have to be carried to everyone, passing tens of kilometers a day. Throughout the journey, tourists, as a rule, do not use hotels, but spend the night in tents (2-3 local). Food is cooked at the stake.

Such hikes are available for people who do not have special sports training and are designed for those who prefer walking in the fresh air, lovers of nature and adventure.

The geography of trekking depends on natural conditions and objects of special tourist interest: rivers, caves, waterfalls, mountains. Bivouac is broken among picturesque nature (river, lake).

In the last decade, many tourists choose this type of recreation, as the beaches and fashionable hotels no longer attract them. Trekking is available to everyone, regardless of social and financial level, and also from physical training.

Walking is an opportunity to get acquainted with the country from within, with its culture, people, nature, without breathing the smog of megacities.

In any travel agency you can order both group and individual hiking. The main thing is not to miss the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the virgin nature away from civilization, while this still exists.


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