Transfer: what to whom, why?

Transfer: what to whom, why?

With the term "transfer" (from the English. "Moved") today mark every traveler. It refers to the process of delivery of tourists from the airport to your accommodation. It is not surprising that this service is now so in demand. And what of its kinds is better?



Ideal for those who appreciate comfort for a minimum price. As a rule, this kind of transfer order provides for a minibus / bus. It delivers to a place of rest a whole group of people who have similar tourist destinations. After the holidays the same way you can get to the airport: the driver takes every tourist of his hotel (although all participants have to calculate the flight time, based on the route - to adapt to each other). Through collective price per seat is reduced significantly. Most often, this kind of transfer is included in the package of services provided by the tour operator.

+ Low cost.

+ Convenience: no need to look for a taxi, to study labels with information in an emergency mode, refreshing my English.

- Temporary loss: we'll have to wait until the whole group of tourists gather. On the way back (when people take, going round different hotels) waiting time can range from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours.

-Payment For a child of any age will be charged as adults. The fact is that under the law the kids have to travel in a child seat (in accordance with the height and weight), which occupies a separate passenger seat.



Suitable for those who want to travel alone or with their families. At the airport you will meet the driver of the car (with a sign) and take to your destination without the participation of any third parties and, of course, the shortest way. Also you will be taken back to the airport at the end of vacation. Organization of individual transfer carried out by companies that specialize in this kind of services.

+ High level of comfort that appreciate travelers with children or animals, elderly, tourists and people with disabilities. It is also best for those who have a marker, a non-standard luggage.

+ Loss of time and hassle to a minimum.

- Price significantly higher.


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