Tours to Moscow. Recommendations on the choice of transport and hotel booking

Москва, Волга, кремль, город, ночь, небо, фото

Quite often, those who go on a tourist trip with the aim to see Moscow and surroundings, wondering about where to stay and whatever you can relax.

In this paper we propose to talk about the sights of Moscow and the Moscow region. If someone thinks that in addition to direct, Moscow, excursions to the Golden Ring or inspection estates near Moscow, have nothing more to consider, we will convince you of this.

To get to Moscow for the Russians and citizens of other countries can be almost any type of transport, especially the most popular - trains, planes. In addition, you can reach here by bus or by car, it all depends on what you choose the route of travel, and that you want to see here.

Of course, if you choose to go by train, we recommend that you pre-book a hotel room. Moscow quite a lot of hotels are located just at the station. The same is true of the aircraft, any hotel near the airport you can comfortably accommodate, and you do not need to go far, and seek for themselves a place of rest.

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If you are traveling by car, here you can not even need to book hotels, as they often autotourists try to visit all the attractions of the city and the region, stopping in the private sector or apartments for rent. Currently, with the rapid development of Internet technologies find a room is not difficult. Different applications to the phones will allow you to chat in the car not only find, but also to learn the price of the room and immediately order it. Moreover, Moscow is popular enough to take shelter for a day, because it is convenient not only for the owners, but also for some tourists who are passing through here.

In Moscow, of course, we can advise you travel by car not during rush hour, otherwise you will stand more than one hour, while pretty to spoil your mood in a traffic jam. If you are so eager to start a sightseeing tour of Moscow, use the bus or the subway, which will take you to the cultural and historical center of the city, where you can already go to museums and see the architectural monuments, etc.


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