Tours to Italy. Venice Attractions

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When we talk of Venice, of course, first of all we think about romance and lovers. This city - a masterpiece of the great masters - independent and beautiful.

Many things makes this city unique and attractive: the absence of cars, buses, sleeping areas, high-rise buildings; small and narrow streets; thousands of channels through which you can travel in the old majestic gondolas with gondoliers in a proud beautiful period costumes. If you are tired of city life, endless traffic jams, noise and smell of cars, then this city is for you.

In addition, it would be wrong not to mention that it takes place in Venice, one of the most fascinating and surprising events in Europe - Venice Carnival. This festival is full of colors, masks skilful craftsmen, lovely clothes of 17-18 centuries. It should be noted that the first carnival in 1094 not much has changed. Heroes of Italian pieces go from the pages during the carnival, and appear on the streets of Venice. In addition, the spectacle is the bell tower of the main cathedral of Venice flies over the famous Columbine, scattering with confetti and flowers, exciting and amazing. Once having been in Venice during the carnival, you will never forget this city and this wonderful celebration.

We should also mention the most visited cafés in Venice. It is called the "Florian" and, we can safely say that this is the oldest cafes in Europe. It was built in the early 18th century, and it is certainly a source of pride for the Venetians. This place is, among other things, is famous for its visitors, such as Byron, Rousseau, Casanova, Hemingway. In the 'Floriana' guarantee you a touch of history, the taste of which you are unlikely to forget.

Venetian festival

Venice is often called the 8th wonder of the world. But do not assume that all of the splendor that we can enjoy in Venice, was created out of nowhere. Due to its favorable location, the city is always rife with traders and merchants; Venice was for centuries one of the trade centers. The city did not spend the money for personal needs, we gave all to improve their beautiful city.

About 10 thousand piles of oak keep the city afloat, while it crossed more than 150 channels, small and big. The most famous and visited - Canal Grande, 4 km long. It is on both sides of the channel are the finest buildings in the city, unique in its architecture and, of course, history.

As for the climate, it is very soft and moist. And summer and winter is quite a comfortable temperature. Weather never hurts you to enjoy the beauty and splendor of Venice.

. To explore all the delights of this city, such as St. Mark's Square, Doge's Palace, Bridge of Sighs, the Campanile, the church of Santa Maria della Salute, there are 2 ways: on foot and by water. With regard to water transport, its in the city of many kinds. In addition to the beautiful gondolas, the city is also large boats ply the vaporetto that always go on a certain route, have your number, and they can always buy a ticket. Also in the city can often find private boats, taxis original counterparts.


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