Tours to France. Deauville Resort

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Deauville is a seaside resort of French, located in the south-east of Le Havre, near the English Channel. He is known more in the second half of the 19th century. Deauville was established in 1859 with a view to the French nobility had its own spa, where they can enjoy a dip in the sea, without fear of the hot sun, and free to hit around her jewels. Deauville is a popular and luxurious place. It regularly American Film Festival, the world polo tournament and the largest horse auction in the country. At the Deauville racecourse hosts numerous international tournaments in equestrian sport.

Fans of sports activities the resort offers: golf, shooting, horse riding, tennis, fitness, water and air sports. The resort features well-equipped gyms, salons for spa treatments, a huge casino. Also in Deauville hosts jazz festivals, concerts, where musicians perform classical, various exhibitions. It is in Europe's largest hall for conferences

You can leisurely walk through the city streets, the banks of the Strait and nearby areas. In urban stores you will find all the famous trade brands. In addition, a variety of tours will be offered to you.

The climate is mild in the resort. Benefits include: medical climate, sea water and all seafood. Thalassotherapy Institute offers a wide range of therapeutic treatments based on the use of seafood. The Institute has developed its own cosmetics, so it goes without saying that there is emphasis on cosmetic program, which you can choose the length of their own. The indications for treatment are the various disorders of the nervous system.

In Deauville, we built luxury hotels, which give the appearance of urban aristocratic features. Normandy Barriere Hotel is considered a first-class destination at this resort, where love to spend their holidays celebrities.


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