Tours to Belarus. Information for tourists

Tours to Belarus. Information for tourists

The country of Belarus is situated in the neighborhood with Russia and Ukraine. The name speaks for itself - it is White Russia, indicating that some of its communications with Russia. White - because that bright colors in the country do not accept, it is not like an exotic country. This is a relatively modest state, which represents a kind of intelligent beauty. Belarus is one of the few places that is not affected by civilization. Surprisingly enough, the country in Europe, which is known for the rapid development of civilization, not too active development in this area, while maintaining its natural value.

Currently Belarus is an independent state, which gained its independence after the collapse of the Union, as well as all the countries that were included in its composition. Natural attractions of Belarus - a beautiful blue lakes, green forests, spacious fields, rivers and a lot more interesting things. That's why tours in Belarus are so popular among the lovers of ecological tourism. Environmental and ethno tours in Belarus every year more and more are gaining popularity.

Belarus is located in the eastern part of the European continent. The country area is about 207 thousand square kilometers. This is a fairly compact state, which has come to lie from east to west. Belarus borders on different countries - Poland is from the west, Lithuania and Latvia to the north-west side, as well as with Ukraine in the south and Russia to the east.

As part of Belarus 6 oblasts, more than a hundred cities, more than 111 urban settlements and 24000 villages. Minsk - the capital of Belarus, which covers more than 200 square kilometers. The population of Minsk is 2 million. The state currency is the ruble Belarusian. Languages ​​- Belarusian and Russian.

The climate is temperate continental, which is generated by air currents of the Atlantic. A characteristic feature of the climate - a rainy summer and mild winter, in the autumn the weather is not stable. The temperature depends on the country. In July months the average temperature is kept predelah17 degrees. In the winter - it is 4-5 degrees of frost in the southern part and the order of 8 degrees in the north.

Those who cross the border of Belarus transit - are subject to customs inspection. Permission to carry duty-free goods in the amount of not more than one thousand dollars. In that case, if your stuff is a commercial - need to pay customs duty.

From the national cuisine of Belarus would like to mention dishes from potato, mushrooms and meat.

In addition, Belarus has plenty of attractions, which we'll tell you in our next country, and you'll learn about the most popular holiday regions.

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