Tours in Tunisia. hospitable Sousse

Tours in Tunisia. hospitable Sousse

In late May, the holiday season starts in the town of Sousse, when the water warms up more than 20 degrees. The warm and mild climate together with the ancient historical sites and hospitable inhabitants attract many tourists.

The city of Sousse is the third largest in the country and is located about two hours drive from the capital. This resort is a tourist center, it began to develop rapidly since the 1960s. Now the infrastructure of the city has many comfortable hotels, beautiful white sandy beaches, ancient historical monuments and museums.

Sousse, as a tourist and resort center, allows for all tastes of vacationers. If you like noisy nightlife here to open the doors of bars, clubs and casinos. The modern resort is hard to imagine without the possibility to spend your vacation, engaged in one or more kinds of water sports, which, of course, available on the beaches of the Mediterranean pearl.

Sousse - a real oriental city with the market, where as a result of trades that are an essential part of the purchase, it is possible to purchase a variety of leather goods, gold and silver, as well as select items handmade by local artisans. Fans soak up the warm sun, without making any special effort available to wide beaches and clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Family Friendly virtually every hotel has prepared an interesting children's animation. Favorite places the smallest travelers have Italian ice cream palace, a large water park, a zoo and a vibrant and exciting attractions.

Experts believe that the city of Sousse is even older than Carthage, in this regard, talk about its historical value possible for quite a long time. One of the most famous attractions located in nearby El Jem Coliseum and is built in the year 238. Its length is 149 meters, width - 124, it is assumed that it was used for the famous gladiator battles and chariot races even. Especially valuable is the Archaeological Museum in the old city of Medina, which collects mosaic pictures. Lovers of history and archeology can visit the castle-monastery of Ribat, with a wonderful view of the sea and the city. In the immediate vicinity is the old Great Mosque.


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