Tours in the United States. What to bring from the US?

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It just so happened, an integral part of every trip is to purchase some souvenir.

Just this article tells about the souvenirs that can be purchased and acquired directly in the United States. Let us approach the issue rationally - that you can buy in the US, the memory of such a thing or not, or difficult or expensive to get it?

The first item that can be purchased in the United States, of course, is a company Equipment Apple - iPhones, iPods, laptops, tablets. If we have the price of a commodity fabulous, and there you can buy if for no cost, then with a small margin, not overpaying money to spare.

Many are wondering where to buy the famous Zippo lighters in the US. This can be done in almost any gift shop or in stores that sell cigarettes.

Cowboy clothes - as without it? For now there is talk about the culture of the country, and the Associations, or rather about what is possible with its associated this country. First of all, it's cowboy boots and hat. This is the most common gifts that are considered symbols of America. This is especially true of hats made from various materials. Traditionally, boots made from calf leather, at least - from crocodile skin, eel, lizard, anteater and kangaroo. Cowboy boots crocodile - the most that neither is vintage.

Pay your attention to the jewelry - various kinds of wicker rings, bracelets and many other decorations. Very undercarriage option, the best selling, a specialized American company David Yurman.

Also common is the brand company Tiffany. The most popular products are usually made from silver. Fame on a global scale and a reasonable price - this is what characterizes these jewelry brands.

Do not forget that there is a possibility of running into a severe penalty in the case of undeclared transportation of fruits and vegetables.


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