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Small Rimini, graced the Adriatic coast, has received from nature and history as many gifts as not instead be any one known cornucopia.

Present city of Fellini.

Firstly, the resort has managed to become a place of world cinema monster birthday - Federico Fellini. And then he also glorified hot atmosphere and special weather in Rimini to the whole world. He made to regret all those who have seen his work, that they are not descendants of the Etruscans, Latins, Umbrians and the Trojans, who have mastered the peninsula about 2 thousand years ago.

PR Dante.

Secondly, the town has become a place where a famous tragedy played out, inscribed in the annals of literature. The fact that the rulers of the policy has long been the name of Malatesta. The wife of one of them - Francesca Dzhanchotto betrayed her husband with his brother Paolo, for which he was killed along with her lover. The story fascinated Dante. And thanks to his "Divine Comedy" has become famous all over the world. As you can see, the weather for the love has always been favorable. The main thing that it did not end so sad.

What gods have given the city.

What else got Rimini as a gift from the gods? Of course, paradise climate. Although the books he called "Mediterranean subtropical". Weather in Rimini is fully consistent with the characteristics of the climatic zone. Summers are hot, but bearable. The average temperature in June is 20 ° C, while during the day the value mogutpodnimatsya to 27-32 ° C.

Winter temperatures do not fall below zero degrees. Usually in the winter there are about 4-8 ° C. Such a temperature Romanskoy situation on the Riviera was formed because of the Adriatic Sea waves soften the weather and rainfall spread evenly throughout the year. Interestingly, this situation holds only at this resort in mezhereche Auzy and rivers Marecchia, covered Mount Titano to the reverse, and the open waters of the Adriatic with the obverse.

Augustus and Tiberius - ideal builders.

Another decoration of Rimini is a triumphal arch and amphitheater ruins left behind Augustus and Tiberius. These emperors enriched face of the city arch bridges. He began to build in August. Completed Tiberius. And it looks as though the weather in Rimini has never been rain, the wind did not know, I did not see the snow. Bridge over Merekkyu is in perfect condition. On it you can walk, ride on the truck, but do not forget that he was in the next year will be exactly 2000 years.

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Имейте ввиду, это не виды Римини, а виды другого города - Riomaggiore в Италии. Уважаемые, уберите фото со странички - не путайте путешественников.

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