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Аргентина, город, улица, Буэнос Айрес

One of the countries, which is very well known due to his football, is Argentina. This state successfully combines the development of European culture and a unique, incomparable with any place in the world, charm and exoticism. On the territory of the country can be seen and jungles, and mountains, and mysterious Patagonia with huge colonies of sea fauna, as well as to experience real Indian culture, to see tango, try the excellent local cuisine and much more.

The capital of Argentina - Buenos Aires is located at the latitude of the Italian city of Rome and is for two hundred seventy-five kilometers from the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The administrative center of the country is located in the bay of the giant Gulf called La Plata, and it is perfectly protected from possible natural disasters.

Temperatures in these areas does not fall below plus ten degrees, and most of the year, plus up to twenty-five degrees. Most of the population of Argentina - the ancient descendants of migrants from Europe, the Arabs, the French, the Poles, Spaniards, Italians and Basques.

The city's architecture looks in the best traditions of Western style. Often Buenos Aires on this indicator compared with Paris. Things that initially hit all visitors of Europeans - is that the sun is moving from right to left, and the numbering of buildings depends on the footage to them from a certain starting point. For example, if you see a house number, say 528, that would mean that up to him and Armada area exactly five hundred twenty-eight meters.

One of the pleasant surprises for tourists in Argentina is also the fact that the portions of food in local restaurants unrealistically high. Most often bought here one dish that you can eat two or even three people.

The main deity in Argentina - is charming and sensual dance called "Tango". Tourists can see the dance performances on the streets, in parks and squares. If you suddenly want to master the art of dance by yourself, you will certainly help in this. The city opened a large number of tango schools and clubs offering their services to anyone interested.

One of the most interesting areas of Buenos Aires is a place - La Boca. At the moment there is the main entertainment street of the city, where are all the cafés, souvenir and cigarette larechki. Here, every day and every night booming music and people dancing and having fun.


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