Tours in Amsterdam, Netherlands

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So, dear tourists, we are in Ranshtade - said guide you and defiantly pointed to the plain fields, where the distance is a lonely windmill. Of course, it is most likely not what you expected, but after driving these quiet little villages and silent endless fields, you do not even have time to blink an eye, how to change the situation around you. Already approaching to the most free and really fun city in the Netherlands, you have already feel the aroma of sleepless nights in clubs and wasting money on various entertainment. Passing near the Leidseplein, you will notice that in the open air are the street actors, and a joyful audience applauds and shouts which - the word. The guide introduces you to the local places of interest, and in the window next to you bright signs flashed different bars. Of course, life in Amsterdam literally boils. This is the place where you can first try cupcakes with marijuana, and then spend a couple of thousand euros in the most expensive city casino. The first thing you notice in this city, almost all people use bicycles as transportation. And indeed it is. Amsterdam - the city of light drugs and bicycles (by the way, this is where stolen vehicles - a common occurrence).

But this is only the night Amsterdam. By morning all the young people to disperse sleep and in their place come the ordinary people, most of them in old age. Then you open up and all the beauty of Amsterdam. Bus turns sharply, and in front of you loom various cultural institutions, which simply need to visit. Passing near the Van Gogh Museum, which collected more than 200 paintings of the famous artist, you turn to the Maritime Museum, the layout of which stands proudly on the water and is ready to cut the waves, under the onslaught of the storm and thunder. And when it comes time to go, you see a man floating in a small boat on the canal. And here, the guide accompanies you on the bus, wheels break from their seats, and in the window is no longer flashing bright title bars. And again you are passing near the fields, windmills and understand how the all-still an amazing place - Amsterdam.


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