Tourist tours in Santiago

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Tourist tours in Santiago

The earthquake's nightmare is behind, and now in Santiago the modern culture is developing very quickly. And although very little time has passed since the earthquake in the administrative center of Chile, the capital is almost completely restored and ready to receive tourists.


The earthquake claimed the lives of hundreds of people, and also destroyed such historical values ​​as the Museum of Fine Arts of Santiago.

Nature did not spare the unique structures, but could not stop the cultural development of Santiago. Modern museums, hotels and restaurants, of course, have no cultural value, but make the city brighter and more interesting.

For the first time in 20 years, the Lollapalooza festival left the US territory. The seat for this meeting was selected this year by Santiago. The fact is that it is here that the national culture is full of colors, and the local people are crazy about modern musical motifs.

The Government of Chile supports the people's love of world culture and in every way contributes to its development. Recently was built Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral - a new cultural center of glass and steel, where dancers will perform, show theater performances and arrange art exhibitions.

The most significant event of recent years was the opening of the Museum of Fashion, money for its construction was allocated by a private investor. The museum exposition has 800 copies, in total about 10 000 exhibits in its collection. Among the exhibited items is the black dress of Princess Diana and the bright blue costume "Beatle" by John Lennon.

A real icon of modern design in Santiago - Hotel W, which was built in 2009. But here there is, and not less luxurious, the Aubrey Hotel, in the decoration of which there is both antique and modern furniture. This hotel shows the entire height of the development of the hotel business in Santiago.


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