Tourism. Cheap travel

Tourism. Cheap travel

Tourism. Cheap travel

Inexpensive, affordable travel is quite an urgent matter. Especially in our days, while the ruble is falling, and prices, on the contrary, are rising. In this article you will find tips on how not to make "Eurotour" and generally relax abroad.

How can I buy inexpensive air tickets. Tickets for airplanes can be ordered online. And it is worth considering that the cost of tickets increases with the approaching date of departure, so they, preferably, booked in advance. The time when tickets are more expensive - it's Friday, weekends and holidays. Tickets are not on a direct route, but curved and with stops are cheaper than for flights without landings on the road. If we talk about laukosterov, then many of them are greedy and do not provide such free services as food. Baggage is also taken only for money. Tip: safely take food with you on the plane; Baggage is wrapped in bags, sucking air out of them with a special vacuum machine and completely filling your bag to take it on a plane as a carry-on baggage, i.e. is free.

How to get to the airport and after. To the airport and after you can not expensive to get to the subway. But, if you want to travel with convenience, you can order a group bus or taxi, but it will cost more. With the help of many services on the Internet, you can find satellites on the road and share with them a fee for a taxi. When you find yourself in an unknown country / city, take a taxi that is outside the airport, as it will cost less.

Hotels, hotels and rented apartments / houses. The hotel, as well as air tickets, must be booked in advance. The earlier, the cheaper. If you decide to stay at night looking, then it is better to look for a personal home from the owners who rent the room. If you went on a trip on your personal car, then think about how to spend the night in a motel (the cheapest at the edge of the city). But many, for the sake of economy, spend the night right in the car. In addition, you, again, can use the Internet and settle with friends who will be contacted beforehand.

Food. Trying to find cheap restaurants in Europe, avoid places with a huge menu, large rooms, which are visited by some tourists. Look for restaurants, where the menu and the room itself look simpler. There most likely it will be tastier and cheaper. In French restaurants order sets. And before you enter the restaurant, pay attention to the menu, posted in front of the entrance. In the hotel you can take a leaflet at the reception with a description of the nearest restaurants of the city, besides, in such brochures coupons for discounts in cafes, Asian buffets are sometimes printed. Such buffets in the US are a café with a "buffet" where you can take yourself a good meal, for example, seafood or a vegetable garnish. For all this you pay a certain price at the entrance. In Europe, do not throw a lot of tips, leave no more than two dollars. In the US, usually leave 10% of the bill. If you do not leave a tip, believe me, no one will blame you.

A little about insurance. Do not spare money for health and get insurance. This can be done even on the Internet. After all, who knows what can happen during the trip, and treatment abroad is not cheap.


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