Top 5 of the best destinations for autumn vacation

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Despite the fact that the summer season is favorable for recreation, people prefer to book holidays in the fall. Why? Let's find out.

First, in the summer you can enjoy the sun and get a nice, even tan at his dacha. In the autumn, the weather is changing dramatically, due to which body and soul need a change of scenery, and the best option - to go on vacation.

Secondly, in the world there are many places where the autumn season - the peak swimming season.

Third, in the summer of rest and relax everything but the fall - only the lucky ones.

In this regard, each question may arise: where to go to rest, it was warm and well? Get the answer to this question by looking at the statistics 5 best places to stay in the "rainy" season's based on reviews and recommendations experienced hikers.

1. Spain. It is very beneficial to visit the country in September and October. At this time there is significantly falling prices for everything, and the temperature keeps excellent mark from 20 to 25 degrees above zero. In addition, the fall in Spain is much quieter than in the summer. Such a "lull" is due to the fact that the flow of tourists has decreased dramatically.

2. Cyprus. Activities on the island will leave you warm, fond memories. You can not only plenty nakupatsya and a nice tan, but also actively spend their honestly earned holiday.

3. Seychelles. If you aspire to harmony with nature - feel free to go to the Seychelles. Here you will meet amazing landscapes, beautiful beaches and charming little creatures. Also worth noting is that the bad weather on the island - a rare and short-term guests.

4. Bulgaria. Lovers of adventure for the autumn holiday is ideal for this country. Here tourists will be a huge number of exciting excursions, the conquest of the mountain peaks and the conquest of the underwater world.

5. China. In this country, autumn holiday will be an active, vibrant and unforgettable. In autumn there are various carnivals, holidays and festivals. Shoppers can completely update your wardrobe and with a minimum spend savings.

The task of each person in the autumn - prepare your body for the cold, harsh, and perhaps a long winter. And to make it one of the best places for the autumn holiday - is not only useful, but also profitable.


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