The Twelve Apostles

The Twelve Apostles

Twelve Apostles - a beautiful natural phenomenon, located near the southern coast of the province of Victoria and is a collection of lime build-up, towering waves in the middle of the Australian coast. This popular tourist attraction leads panoramic Great Ocean Road, which leads to Apollo Bay - a starting point for examination of the Twelve Apostles.

Until 1922 limestone stacks were called "Pigs and pigs", but later was renamed to its present name, which become known, although their number is only nine. Formation of the unique rocky hills began about 10-20 million years ago. High tides and stormy winds of the Southern Ocean is gradually dug caves in the soft limestone, with arches that formed over time.

As a result, further erosion they collapsed, remaining at sea protruding boulders. The height of the coast is 70 m and the highest independent rock rises almost 45 meters. District Twelve is within the Port Campbell National Park, and despite the fact that it is a protected area became a modern tourist area. Everywhere we built good routes and trails for visitors who want to reach the marvelous beauty of natural phenomena.

The most advantageous offer for the majority of tourists, no doubt, is the study of the Twelve Apostles by helicopter, which is organized by the Victoria's tourist center. It was built for the observation platform. The most suitable time to visit the stone collection from spring to autumn. If you have the opportunity, be sure to admire them at sunrise or sunset. Then the Twelve Apostles change color from dark to yellow sand under the influence of sunlight.

About ten minutes from the last "apostle" is magnificent and Loch Ard Gorge, where you can touch the waves and bury your feet in the sand. Unfortunately, the creator of this wonderful phenomenon and its destroyer. Arrays are not protected from severe erosion caused by the sea water, wind and sun, and one of the "Apostles" in 2005, collapsed into the ocean for a few seconds. To date, Twelve Apostles has 8 rock masses. In the future, expect new collapses as a result of undermining the ongoing waves.


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