The trip to India to buy anything. Price issue

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India's population - more than a billion people. The huge labor force, and where there is a huge amount of labor, there is a cheap goods produced by workers who have to withstand strong competition.

In India, you can buy with the lowest prices in the world: carpets, silk, cotton, tea, precious stones: rubies, diamonds, sapphires and other.

Currency and its features.

India's national currency - Rupee. Exchange rate against the dollar - about 45 rupees per $ 1. Currency exchange rates can be found on the Internet.

Of imported currency worth more than $ 2500 must be declared. Foreigners have the right to enter duty-free currency, costing no more than 700 rupees.

Banks and foreign exchange transactions.

In India, banks are "resting" on Sunday, Monday to Friday, they work from ten in the morning to 14.00, Saturday from ten o'clock in the afternoon, before dinner.

dollars and pounds sterling exchange is the easiest and fastest solution on the peninsula. Service Visa and MasterCard credit cards is possible only in large cities.

Expenditure on food, housing.

Rather simple, cheap room and a trip to the second-class cabins, meals fairly simple meal, and you can safely live on $ 15-20 per day. But if a person wants a minimum of comfort and tasty meal, you have to pay 80-150 dollars a day.

Leaving a tip, service personnel.

Often, in expensive hotels or restaurants in the cost of accommodation, meals, already included 10%, so there is not necessary to leave a tip. But in the less luxurious places it is possible to leave a few rupees. Enough popular board in India is baksheesh - prepayment services that you want to have. This service is quite simple: find the right letters to show how to get to the right place, to provide information.


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