The development of hotel business in Russia

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In the last decade, the level of the hotel business has grown significantly, including due to the appearance on the hospitality arena of foreign investors and international hotel chains.

Actively developing hotel business in the Krasnodar region, especially in the Olympic Sochi, Moscow and the region, as well as St. Petersburg.

One reason for the popularity of the hotel industry - the emergence of global brands (including franchises) as a - Radisson, Marriot and many others. But it is important only to those who support the prestige level of each particular brand.

More recently, with the development of domestic tourism, hoteliers have learned to bet on the development of accommodation facilities not only for business travelers but also for travelers who came to relax, explore the area and local attractions.

In connection with this trend, an increase in the discovery of roadside motels, budget hostels, pensions for families, and a variety of mini-hotels with a small capacity (50 rooms).

At the same time in major cities hoteliers are betting on residential buildings, containing, in addition to basic services, a wide range of additional and related. Complexes in which visitors besides sleeping and eating habits, can relax in the lounge area, a spa center, offers rental of certain equipment or inventory, use the conference rooms and other services.

Promotion of leisure, tourism, travel and the growing number of business travelers led to the demand for a high quality hotel product. For a tourist, of any orientation, ready to pay for a decent accommodation, the availability of additional services and a fairly high level of service. Obviously, the advantage will be given to it to the hotel, which will satisfy all the conditions of the guest.

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