The cheapest country for rest

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In anticipation of the holidays people make plans and carefully choose a place of rest. However, not everyone knows where you can relax not only beautiful, but also profitable. The ability to reveal the secret and to arrange a memorable and affordable holiday, you have the right now!

So, the cheapest country that fascinate travelers with its prices, the outdoors and a huge choice of entertainment:

1. Cambodia. In this country, you can see a huge number of ancient monuments and buildings. Tourist trips here are inexpensive, but the quality surpasses all expectations. One night in the hotel together with meals will cost you only 150-200 rubles. However, please note, if you are an amateur or a bet with someone quarrel - Cambodia will close its doors for you. It is assumed here to rest quietly and calmly, and if you have chosen this country to rest - obey the cardinal rule!

2. Bolivia. Very hot country. This is the most impoverished place in all of South America, but it is full of cultural and entertainment life. Here you will find the most common meals and drinks, the cost of which ranges from 30-70 rudders. But the experience of delicious food is not worth it, because you will just not up to it! a huge number of parks located in Bolivia, attractions, clubs, museums and other cultural sites.

3. Bulgaria - the most popular destination among Russian tourists. In this country, all for 1000 rubles you arrange heavenly life: gourmet dishes, closed visits, the most comfortable rooms.

4. Croatia. Lovers of unusual dishes - here. In addition, there is actively developing yacht business. Tourists can enjoy themselves in sports such as diving and surfing. Accommodation and entertainment are relatively inexpensive. During the week-long vacation to spend about 30,000, while in no way denying yourself.

The ability to have a good rest each. The main thing - the right to choose a place of rest!


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