The budget of the country for travel

The budget of the country for travel

Sometimes finances for travel are severely limited, but real traveler and always know how to relax and meet interesting budget. In this article we consider the list of the cheapest countries for traveling.

And the first country is Vietnam. In this country you can paddle and informative time for minimum money. It should be noted the high quality of the food, since we are in Asia. excursions lovers will also find something to occupy themselves in this city. Here you can rent a bike and ride on this colorful country, considering the sights. If you want to spend your interesting journey, then you should go to Vietnam

The next budget, Nona less interesting is the country of India, namely, Goa. Although, in the past, the price of this resort is rapidly growing, but still remain low. Goa offers gorgeous beaches and peace, for which they come here. there is no fuss, like in the rest of India. In Goa you can find very cheap accommodation that allows you to come to this little paradise for a long time without much ruin your budget.

Thailand, namely Chiang Mai. This city is located in northern Thailand and attracts tourists with its atmosphere is very different from the busy Thai. There are many attractions that are worth little or are free. But it is worth to go only in certain months, from May to October there are torrential rains, and the best month to visit is April.

Egypt, Cairo. Cairo is a very mysterious city. and the main advantage is the small price of travel. There are many ancient sites such as the Pyramids, the old locks, which is only one river Nile. Holidays in Cairo can get very busy and the budget, but it is worth remembering that this is a Muslim country, and there are often conflicts and danger for tourists.

Bali, Indonesia. Perhaps the flight to Bali makes the rest of the country is not the budget, but it's worth it. The trip will cost around Bali is relatively expensive, but having been here, you will realize that it is a pity not any money. Island simply immersed in greenery, jungle everywhere, beautiful scenery and gorgeous ocean views. By the way, the ocean is more suitable for surfing, just swim in it quite dangerous, too big waves. Coming to this country, you will find peace and harmony with yourself.


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