The best nudist beaches in the world

The best nudist beaches in the world

Primordial beauty of nature. Someone is born in a "shirt", but most of course without clothes. We present to you the best beaches in the world, where you can sunbathe completely naked.

1. Saint-Tropez in France.

This beach is considered glamorous and titled. Here, stars from all over the world have a rest. The color of the beach of Tahiti impresses with its variety. People of different ages rest together with celebrities.

2. Vendee-Montalivet, France. This beach can be attributed to family nudist beaches. It is included in the list of the very first beaches of the world of this format, it was opened in 1953. The beach is located on the territory of 175 hectares. A large number of houses for recreation and cottages. This resort can also come with children.

3. Agda, France. At this resort you can walk in "what the mother gave birth" around the clock, in any places, from shops and hotels to beauty salons. If you go in clothes, you may be asked to leave the resort, how?)

4. Bellevue Beach, Denmark. At this resort you can not find fault with cleanliness. Complete absence of debris, very clear water.

5. Super Paradise Beach, in Greece. It is considered one of the most nudist resorts. A huge number of people, constant parties and dances, it is not boring here.

6. Vera Playa In Spain. At this resort you will feel alone with nature. Silence and calm, there are practically no parties. You can come all year round, the weather allows.

7. Clifton Beach in South Africa. It is considered to be the cleanest resort of this type. The only drawback is that most of the water here is cool.

This is certainly not all the beaches that exist in the world. Keep an eye out for our updates and we'll tell you about other beaches in the world where you can sunbathe completely undressed.

On such a holiday you can meet many beautiful girls and guys, so boldly go on vacation.


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