Summer job at the Greek islands

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Every year in Greece with holidaymakers an influx of workers, who spend between 2 and 7 months working on the Greek islands in the relevant travel services. There are many seasonal jobs in hotels, cafes, bars, taverns, shops, travel agencies and car rental agencies.

So, how to find a job in Greece? Most jobs are advertised at the local level, or by word of mouth. Workers who come to the island for the summer season usually arrive between April and June in order to advance to find a job.

Many North Europeans book their two-week vacation at the beginning of the season, and are searching for bars, restaurants and taverns with the inscription 'requires staff'. It is possible to communicate with the employees of cafes and restaurants, they will tell you where staff is recruited. For large resorts this is usually that hundreds of young people looking for work each year. For the bartender usually requires some experience, while 'PR' positions with numerous (mostly leafleting bars or clubs with a call to visit their establishment). Other options trades can be a waiter, cook, dishwasher.

The main requirement - conversational English. Some companies provide housing for their employees.

The advantage of search work locally rather than over the Internet is that you can see where it is going to work, and for whom. But if you do decide to search online, you will be helped numerous sites with vacancies companies, plus Greek forums.

There are other opportunities to get a job. This search through tour operators, the majority of whom employ sales representatives, administrative staff. As a rule, vacancies are published in the February / March, but no later than the beginning of May. Some vacancies may also occur in the middle of the season, especially in July and August when tour operators have created an additional burden. Check the websites of tour operators.


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