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Hawaiian Islands consist of 24 islands and of more islets. The islands have a large number of volcanoes both active and damped. It belongs to the US island.


The climate of the islands is very easy to relax. Winter is the rainy period. From June to November there is a high risk of hurricanes. Often, these storms occur outside of Mexico in the area of ​​California (peninsula) and then do not move very rapidly toward Hawaii. The path of these storms have done a very large and therefore reaching the islands, they become much weaker. A large number of mountains to protect the rest of the island from the destructive power of hurricanes.

The population on the island is small enough, is only 1 million people. Native Hawaiians only 2 percent. The most important trait of the population is their sociability and cheerfulness. Cheerful life attitude described by the word "aloha", which refers to and "goodbye" and "hello" and "welcome." This word is also included in the inscription on the number of the car and in the names of various companies and corporations that are on the island.

The Hawaiian Islands have a very rich and beautiful as the plant and animal world. It is home to many unique species of plants that can only be found here. Very unique and distinctive fauna of these islands. The most famous representative of the animal world is the Hawaiian monk seal (now very rare), Hawaiian goose, Hawaiian kind of blackbirds, and a lot of representatives of the birds. On the island there is a National Park. More than half of the area covered by tropical rain forests, grasses and various shrubs. Almost all plants unique to these islands. Only 10 percent of what you see may be found in other parts of the world, the rest is so-called landmarks vegetable world, only these islands.

The symbol of Hawaii, of course, is considered to be surfing. They are actively involved in the local population and visiting fans to ride a board. Cycling in the natural surroundings and diving activity is also not inferior to surf. Tourists can rent a bike and ride through the surrounding area of ​​the island, they are interested in examining the place. Adventure lovers can go on excursions to the waterfall or the jungle.

Sparkling golden sand beaches, crystal clear sea foam sets off the clear blue water. Garden of Eden and a cozy corner in which the sense of reality is lost and there is a desire to stay here as it is possible longer. The Hawaiian Islands are a great place for a good time with friends or family.

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