Spain: Andalusia architecture

Spain: Andalusia architecture

The face of almost any country - is its architecture. Of course, it is possible for a long time to explore the manners of another state, to visit a museum painting or listen to local folklore, but most holistic impression of the country form the streets, squares, avenues and buildings.


Sunny Spain is no exception. The Spanish province of Andalusia is known for its outstanding architectural structures. Even in small communities, such as the small town of Mijas, you can find the masterpieces of Spanish architecture. Skeet Sorrowful Virgin - a church fit into the natural rock grotto. According to legend, the children found a grotto local mason brought them here white dove. In the grotto of the children we found a miniature statue of the Madonna, which is carefully preserved in the church ever since. Skeet Sorrowful Virgin - a place of pilgrimage for many Catholics from all over Spain. Weary travelers at the church meets spring, the water of which is surprisingly refreshing and invigorating.


Spain emerged at the junction of two cultures: the Arab and European. In the capital of Andalusia, Seville is a unique landmark, showing the interpenetration of the east and west. It is the Cathedral of Santa Maria. The majestic bell tower, called the Giralda, ascended over the city at 114 meters. Giralda surmounted by 4 meter statue, embodying the faith. The statue is still a giant weather vane. For its size Santa Maria is second only to the two Christian churches: St. Peter's Basilica in Rome and St. Paul's in London.


The originality of Spain, its special flavor is associated with long domination of the Arabs in the Iberian Peninsula. The Spanish claim that the spirit of the country is the easternmost of all Western. Literally a stone's throw from the Cathedral of Santa Maria stretches Alcazar - untouched by time and Europeans fragment of Moorish culture. Alcázar - is a complex of luxurious palaces with an adjacent park.


Many believe that the Alcázar of Seville in no way inferior to the famous Alhambra. Alcazar is not the impression of the museum, the exhibits have a meeting or frozen relics. It seems that the oriental rulers have only recently strolled through the park. Most rooms Alcazar intended for recreation. There is still an atmosphere of peace, calm, measured life of pleasure.


Granada lies on three hills. To the heart of the city - Moorish fortress Alhambra, are two roads. The road on the left side is considered the best place for walking. This is the most vibrant part of the city. At the same time there are no tourist crowds. But at every step there are cozy cafes and small shady squares, and musicians play in the streets. Bright sun, clear guitar chords, unusual architecture - this is the spirit of the real Spain.


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