Smelly fruit ???? Durian tried it?

Smelly fruit ???? Durian tried it?

There is one fruit in the world from which there is a terrible stench and who does not know that it is actually very tasty, then it bypasses it, considering it a creepy creation of nature.

Appearance is deceptive, people say ... in this case, the smell of this fruit pushes away from the thought that this fruit is edible and conquers taste buds, instantly.

You just have to overcome yourself, close your nose and try. Those who have at least once tasted Dorian, for a long time remember this exotic taste. Many Russian tourists say that the taste reminds of raspberries.

Many hotels in exotic resorts forbid tourists to cut durian on the territory of the hotel and in their rooms. It's very difficult to get rid of the smell! The smell is like rotting.

The maximum weight of a durian can reach up to 8 kilograms. It contains a huge amount of useful substances.

But its use is fraught with danger. In no case should you drink alcohol with durian and it is advisable to refrain from drinking alcohol for several hours. Otherwise, severe poisoning is possible. At a time you can not eat a large amount of fruit

In Thailand, this is the most expensive fruit, despite the disgusting smell.


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