Scotland - north of the British Isles

Scotland, the British Isles, north, nature, castle, castles, medieval castles, the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh

The capital of Scotland - Edinburgh, a city with a population of over half a million people. 96% of the population belongs to the white race, there is a small Asian community, mostly Chinese. Most are proud of the Scots "Royal Mile". Length is from Holyrood Palace, this Scottish residence of British kings, and stretches for kilometers to Edinburgh Castle, in the very center of the city.

Scotland is famous for its temples, and in the capital is the center in their honor, where locals and tourists make out various greatest brands. After drinking should visit the Museum of Childhood, which, though modest compared to its London namesake.

But to understand the real Scotland, to visit mountain villages, where, as they say in the local songs, strong guys sitting in pubs. Scotland - a country of proud and patriotic highlanders. There are many castles, including the castle of King Macbeth (just remember Shakespeare and his works), Bemoral - the summer royal residence, Blair - with lots of white castle turrets.

Loch Ness is known legends and tales of the monster Nessie. Prices quite affordable.

In the days of Robert Burns was the food of the poor, as prepared from sheep's offal. The poet dedicated a whole ode. Of course, the Scottish pubs are known for beer and whiskey.

St Andrews - is an ancient university town. It is the hometown of golf. In the largest city in Scotland, Glasgow is the famous cafe "Willow". Aberdeen is known for granite embankments, where he loved to walk Walter Scott. The rural area is popular national dances, where anyone can learn some movements and try on a kilt (skirt local celebrity). Such festivals Scots spend each week.

Here's what Scotland - "plaid country." Many things can be seen.


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