Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba

Here is a whole network of hotels, where everyone who wants to visit this resort can stay. The lack of this beautiful and elegant architecture is easily replaced, and compensated by the fact that a magnificent view of the environment opens. There are a lot of beautiful places here not only for hunting, but also for fishing. And also beautiful inviting in depth impressive caves and crystal clear, almost transparent underground rivers. At the tobacco factory of this province still worth a visit, and also you can immediately after that visit a special plant for the production of this Cuban rum. It is also possible to walk in the park, which is called Santiago de Cuba. Or visit the zoo, which is famous for its collection of unusual tropical birds. This is an ideal place for a family holiday. Here you can calmly and comfortably relax from the hustle and bustle, located on the ocean, on the most beautiful beach. Lovers of silence will appreciate all the subtleties and beauty of nature. Also here, besides all this, you can swim.

This city can be safely attributed to multinational cities, which is well confirmed by migration. The culture of the nation flourishes and develops every day. It is visited by a lot of visitors. And all the tourists are satisfied. This resort is a wonderful holiday destination. Its inhabitants still preserve cultural and historical traditions. On the one hand it is washed by the Caribbean Sea, and on the other - the peaks of the Sierra Maestra are located. All this is presented as an urban landscape. It has a large port, and the number of residents is much higher than the norm - the second largest in the number of inhabitants in other cities of Cuba. Also, the most important attraction is the fortress El Morro - the cultural heritage of mankind, which was restored.


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