Salzburg - the most beautiful and original country town

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By law, the Austrian city of Salzburg was awarded the title of the most beautiful and distinctive cities in the country. Even the Austrian capital was not able to overtake him on these indicators.


In the entire history of the city in it accumulated so many unique attractions, how many do not find in the half of the whole country.


The powerful fort, gothic architecture, a lot of churches and aristocratic palaces, and just the ancient city houses, roofed with red tiles, as a monument to a past age, through which barely hear classical music. So, music is closely woven into the pages of history Zalburga, it was he - the hometown of the great Mozart.


Walk through this city should start with a visit to the Abbey of St. Peter, whose walls enveloped dozens of legends and mystical stories. It was his considered \ first stone \ Salzburg around which grew with time. Abbey includes a number of large and small buildings, and not each of them can enter the normal tourist. However, even the small part where the visitor can visit, will forever remain in his memory.


To the list of the most important attractions of the city also is attributed the building of the Cathedral, the witness many important events in Salzburg.


special place in the history of Salzburg devoted to the Mirabell Palace. Its building rise above the city in honor of the most famous local lady who was not an aristocrat or Rich Girl. Salome Alt was the mistress of the chief confessor Salzburg. That she was the mother of fifteen children of the local bishop.


Other attractions can be distinguished Hohensalzburg, the city fort majestically rise above Salzburg, and hide themselves from the eyes of the ancient church of St. George, as well as the Museum of Mozart to be a mandatory visit while in his hometown.


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