Rio de Janeiro: hotels, transport, restaurants

Rio de Janeiro: hotels, transport, restaurants


The main part of the hotels favored by tourists is located along such beaches as Ipanema, Copacabana. A striking difference between the prices of rooms here, and in other cities of Brazil - it is here is quite high. And if you want to book a cheap room in Rio de Janeiro, you should take care of it in advance. Of course, the numbers go up even more during the New Year holidays and the Carnival. At this time, hotels sell packages for 4 days, which means that if you decide to stay in the city for only 2 days, you will have to pay the entire cost of a 4-day package.


Basically, transport is represented by buses that stop anywhere on the passenger's request. A trip on the bus costs 1.5 revs, and it is necessary to pay for it when you enter the bus.

The second most popular and convenient transportation in Rio de Janeiro is a two-metro metro that operates here daily except Sunday from 6am to 11pm.

Also, a large number of taxis travel around the city, you can find out a free car by an elevated red flag, sit back in the back seat, and do not skimp on the tip of the driver, as a rule, they are 10% of the amount indicated on the car meter.

Kitchen and restaurants

Everywhere in Brazil, cuisine is a symbiosis of the culinary preferences of the Arab people. The most popular dish in Rio de Janeiro - a feijoada, which consists of dried meat, beans, various spices and smoked products, is also left as a place for the imagination of the chef, who brings his zest to this dish, so it will be most interesting to try it in an exquisite Restaurant with a good reputation. From drinks, of course, coffee is very popular, it's cooked here really gracefully and professionally. As a result of the magic game with coffee beans, you get unique tastes and unforgettable aroma. In Rio de Janeiro, as in all of Brazil, it is considered useful to drink a mug of first-class foam beer, which is brewed here by the world's best brewers. Beer variety, the most popular in the city is Brama. Tap water is not recommended. In restaurants try to order a local wine and smoke a real cigar, you should like it.


Brazil is famous for its deposits of precious metals and stones, and choosing and buying jewelry for its relatives in Rio de Janeiro will be an excellent option, because here are the most famous jewelry salons in the country.

Near the metro station of Uruguyan you can find a flea market. On it, tourists can find unusual things that will surprise friends in their homeland


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